Pics from My California Trip

Hey Guys!
Even though I got back from my California trip a few weeks ago, I wanted to take a minute to put up a few pics on the blog from the trip!

We had a really great time in San Francisco and exploring the Northern California coast. A week was definitely too short a time and I can’t wait to get back out there! While I took literally hundreds of photos, I just thought I’d post a few of them here to give you a sample of the trip.

I’ll try to edit more and get them out to you later, or put them up on my facebook page!

View of the Presidio and San Francisco Bay!

Late afternoon sun beginning to set from Hawk Hill, across the bay!

I think we all know what this one is!

Another great pic of the Golden Gate Bridge with the fog coming in! I love it!

Wonderful colorful sunset over the Pacific!

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